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Accredited & Certified by American Association of Drugless Practitioners

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Total Wellness Empowerment Institute Courses

Total Wellness Empowerment Institute Courses teaches and empowers students with its powerful formula consisting of in-depth videos training, offering continued learning with the membership program for graduates and offering business solutions to grow using content digital marketing.  The pillars of progress are the starting point of your Passion, enriching your Practice, implementing steps to Promote Yourself and watch you Propel that are positively infused into our programs.

Choose from one or both health coaching programs.

Total Wellness Empowerment Health Coach Program

Be empowered with the knowledge that provides the foundation to create a successful career helping clients. This program provides functional medicine nutrition and biomedical experiential training and support in the areas of Wellness of Mind and Body.. Gain confidence to coach your clients with our comprehensive curriculum in wellness, holistic health, nutrition, empowerment, and natural healing. Be the ripple effect for the positive progress for the betterment of humanity. Learn how to empower your clients to become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.  Learn cutting-edge content digital business training and support so you can inspire others, confidently coach your clients, and build a profitable, fulfilling practice. Health Coach Program provides a comprehensive curriculum, integrating the principles of Functional Medicine and nutrition experiential training and support in the areas of Wellness of Mind and Body. Be empowered with the knowledge to individualize guidance and support for your clients in implementing therapeutic protocols, address their barriers, and work through their challenges as they continue on their journey toward wellness of mind and body. Become the invaluable health coach as you help your clients bridge the gap from diagnosis to wellness transformation.

Learn more about the Health Coach Program.

Autism/Special Needs Expert Program

Too many families have no where to turn in finding valuable autism approaches that will cover functional medicine testing, customized supplement regimes and nutritional intervention all in one place. YOU can be the expert that partners with them to take action. Your knowledge is needed! Be their hero assisting in the healing process. Expand your practice as you help a child. The rewards are immeasurable. There are too many kids diagnosed with ASD and not enough practitioners to help them. Autism is on the rise and you can be that expert that makes a huge impact today. Autism/Special Needs Expert Program teaches and empowers students with in-depth video training on the nutritional and biomedical approaches for Special Needs Kids and Autism Spectrum Disorder. This program incorporates functional medicine nutrition and nutraceutical approach looking to restore health by addressing the root causes of imbalances for each individual.

Learn More about the Comprehensive functional medicine, biomedical and nutritional training in the Autism/Special Needs Expert Program.

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  • Business Mastery Program

    Business Mastery Program is taught by marketing gurus that have helped grow private practices from startup to 6-figures and take 6-figure practices to 7-figures. It contains the Content Marketing Plaza: From $0 To $100K With Your Content.

    You register for the Digital Marketing Monthly Mastery offering detailed, step-by-step instructions regarding how to create, launch and monitor your digital marketing strategy! Learn from the best content creator, digital marketing experts. The monthly mentorship for broadening one’s health business and marketing skills. All areas of improved development assist in unlocking one’s true potential.

    You will not be the best hidden secret!

  • Mentorship Program

    The Total Wellness Empowerment Mentorship is a monthly continued education learning with live presentations incorporating personal and professional development leading to self-confidence, broadening one’s health business and marketing skills. All areas of improved development assist in unlocking one’s true potential. Bring your case studies and let’s brainstorm wellness options for them.

    The monthly mentorship program is for the practitioner who loves having support and a second pair of eyes reviewing their cases studies. It’s a great way to brainstorm and think out of the box with the shared goal of empowering others.

Register for One or All Programs and Be Empowered!

Four Pillars of Positive Progress

Passion ~ Practice~ Promote ~ Propel

  • Passion

    Understand the operating system behind your deepest desires, and learn to turn the dials of success. Eliminate self-doubt, break down faulty beliefs and attract abundance for the betterment of humanity.  You are the ripple effect as you positively impact the lives of the people you work with to reach total wellness.

  • Practice

    Practice: Put all the knowledge and experience that is in your mind into your strategies, protocols and methods. Offer services that will positively impact the lives of others. You have a message and passion to share with the world.  There are people in the world that need you.

  • Promote

    Promote: The world must hear your story, message and mission. Learn the strategies used to build social media followings, and acquire conventional media outlet attention. You can do this organically.

  • Propel

    Propel: Step into the fullness of who you can become. Let’s scale up your mindset and methods for prosperity with novel principles and actionable practices.  Be empowered to empower others reach total wellness of mind and body.

See What Other People Say About the Program

  • "The Autism Training was so beneficial to my continuing education and assisting me to help heal children on the autism spectrum disorder. I would not have been able to help so many families without this training! Here's just one amazing testimonial from a mom: I just wanted to share with you some of Matt's amazing progress! I'm shocked and thrilled! Over the past week he has tried to say or said at least 15 new words. •He's said "up" asking me to get up several times now
    •He pointed to my bag and asked for "a healthy treat" •He's tried to say "blocks" when asking for them •He's said dad •and he's been shaking his head yes and no when asked a question!!! I am so excited! I feel he's been more engaging and really understands what's going on. He's following more commands and is overall really impacted.  Very happy to bring you some great news!"

    "As a therapist, I wanted to guide parents to the best approach to assist with the learning modalities and help the child progress through the program. Understanding the biomedical interventions helped my clients succeed."
  • I learned how to best support my clients with the Health Coach program using my lifestyle as a role model. First, I implemented what I learned in the training and then used the knowledge to support my clients reach wellness.  I signed up for the monthly mentorship program to be able to review case studies with Nancy. Highly recommend it.
  • I always wanted to become a health coach but so many programs seemed so daunting. This program gave me the knowledge and business tools to succeed.  It was a game changer and loved everything about the program.  I am still so amazed how I was able to speak with the founder and brainstorm with her. The attention to detail in the courses made me wanting to learn more so I enrolled in the monthly mentorship. I am so grateful to finally be doing what I love to do and have a passion for.

Empowering Health Mastery Programs
Accredited & Certified by American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Total Wellness Empowerment Institute's curriculum
fully meets A.A.D.P.'s educational requirements.
It is Accredited & Certified by American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
Our graduates will be eligible to apply to be board certified holistic health practitioners through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

We look forward to your success.