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Who is the Course for? Practitioner, nurses, nutritionists, therapists, health care practitioners, MedSpas & anyone desiring to be empowered with knowledge. You will be able to implement this knowledge in your practice and home. Register for one or both wellness programs. If you are a practitioner then register for the Business Mastery Program to learn the Content Marketing Strategy that has taken practices from startup To $100K With Your Content. After you complete the wellness programs, we invite you to join the Monthly Mentorship for Total Wellness to learn the latest health topics and review your toughest client cases. It's so helpful to brainstorm with another practitioner. You are never alone with our programs. If you need extra help learning how to use digital marketing concepts to further grow your business then we invite you to join the Monthly Digital Mentorship. Learn from the experts in both fields of marketing and wellness.

What do you need to participate? Access to internet. You will receive all login details upon registration.  Watch the video training at your leisure for the informative training.

Will intake forms and valuable resources be provided? Yes, you will receive helpful forms to implement in your practice & home.

Why is this accredited, certified training desirable? We need you to be the ripple effect in someone's life for the betterment of humanity! Health is wealth and empowering others to be their best health advocate is in demand. Too many people are not living to their fullest potential because their health is not optimal.  Learn and empower yourself and others to reach total wellness of mind and body.

For the ASD training, there are too many kids being diagnosed with so many labels and not enough qualified practitioners to assist them. 80% of marriages fail when there is a special needs child in the family and your help is needed to provide the families with a set blueprint to healing protocols. Too many practitioner attend conferences or take training but then do not implement what is learned. We want you to succeed and be the ripple effect in the world. Parents are also searching for the knowledge to understand how to take care of their child.

What is the Tuition of the Special Needs Child/Autism Expert Training? 1800

What is the Tuition of the MedSpa Functional Medicine Training? 3600

What is the Tuition of the Health Coach Training? 2700

What is the Tuition of the Practitioner Lab Training? 1800

How much is the Monthly Total Wellness Empowerment Mentorship? 495

As a Health Practitioner, the guidance, and protocols you provide your clients is life-changing and invaluable. You are changing the wellbeing of your clients and the mentorship supports you to be the ripple effect.

What is the Tuition for the Business Mastery Program? 197

When can I join the Monthly Marketing Membership? Whenever you want to learn the powerful, digital marketing strategies to implement each month to grow your business and brand awareness. Remember that people need your services to reach total wellness.

How much is the Monthly Marketing Membership? 99

When can I join the Monthly Total Wellness Empowerment Mentorship? Whenever you want to learn the latest health topics and issues (extremely helpful during the ever-changing dynamics of the pandemic) and be able to brainstorm with experts on your client cases. Remember that people need your services to reach total wellness.

What payments are accepted? Major Credit Cards or Paypal

Do you offer Refunds? Because the training is digital and we provide downloadable content, we do not offer refunds.

The Training is going to provide a solid foundation to understand and implement an action plan to apply to your clients and patients. With the added personal bonus of certified training course taught by an active practitioner, you will gain the knowledge to expand your practice. In a word...Invaluable.

If this is for your child it's invaluable to speak to the practitioner doing the training and learn at a deeper level the biomedical and nutritional approaches to implement at home.

Is there an expiration date for the training to be completed? Yes the courses are available online 24/7 and are self-paced. We want you to complete the training and be empowered and start empowering others so we give a 2 year timeframe to get it completed. Just enough time not to stress but a timeframe to keep you motivated to complete it. We can discuss how to pace yourself on the initial call when we review your goals. If you do not complete the training in two years then there are additional admin fees assessed and we can discuss at that time. Again, the goal is for you to complete your training and start empowering.

What are the requirements to register for the training? You must be 18 years of age. Have a desire to be empowered to learn about achieving total wellness of mind and body. Have a passion to be the ripple effect for the betterment of humanity. Looking for a game changing, positive life enhancement. Gain more confidence and share your message with the world with your knowledge and uniqueness.

Why Choose Us? We are accredited and certified by the A.A.D.P. and offer the science-based training, marketing training, and mentorship packages. Sign up for the training you need now to become a certified Holistic Health Coach Practitioner and add the business packages when you need them. Stop searching for wellness business advice, certifications and a separate proven business system. We have it ALL here. We are also very economically priced since our main mission is to have you be the ripple effect with all this new empowering knowledge for the betterment of humanity.

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Disclaimer: These course is designed for educational purposes only and are not intended to serve as medical advice. The information provided in this course should not be used for diagnosing or treating any health problem or disease.  It is not a substitute for professional care.

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