Specialized Labs is the Most Effective Way to Grow Your Practice

Who is it for?

This training is designed for certified practitioners, registered dietitians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, or wellness coaches looking to achieve the next level of income and impact.

You can empower your community with speciality lab tests for better gut, nutritional, hormonal health, and overall wellness. Partner with us and inspire your community to take control of their well-being!

Here is Why You Need This

Wellness practitioners and certified coaches are taking on a new and welcome role as an in-demand specialty service and as an important component of integrated health care.

The Top 2024 Wellness Trend defining the $1.8 trillion global wellness market according to McKinsey is: Health at home.

The COVID-19 pandemic made at-home testing kits a household item. As the pandemic has moved into its endemic phase, consumers are expressing greater interest in other kinds of at-home kits.

"Finally! A Proven Way to Actually Generate Six-Figures!"

Program Overview

  • The mentorship program aims to equip practitioners with the tools, skills, and knowledge needed to confidently support their wellness community.
  • It focuses on business workflows, lab testing options, and lab marketing basics to help practitioners grow their practice and better serve their clients.
  • The program provides access to an online library of resources, including video presentations, the 9 Steps to Healthy Lifestyle Training and marketing materials, which participants can review at their own pace.

Key Features

  • Mindset strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve goals.
  • Business workflows to enhance efficiency and profitability.
  • Access to a library of health research for sharing with clients.
  • Marketing basics and strategies.
  • Video presentations and access to functional medicine labs (finish this training and join the Lab Monthly Mentorship).
  • Options for non-licensed professionals.

Certification Information

  • For individuals who are not yet certified practitioners, visit the certified courses section to get started on the path to certification. We offer Certified Health Coach Course, Special Needs Children Course, and Medspa Weight Loss/Hormone Course. If you are not a certified practitioner or certified coach then register for one of our certified courses today.
  • Lab Testing is for anyone who wants to be empowered with information and data about their wellness. These tests are intended exclusively for wellness purposes. The lab cannot provide you with medical advice or diagnose you with any disease or condition. Any information provided is not medical advice and is not intended to create a practitioner patient/client relationship.

Keep Learning & Offering New Services, Keep it Fresh & Generate More Revenue!

Take Action & Boost Your Confidence

Discover how a Health Coach was able to generate six-figures with these labs.

Be the Ripple Effect on Total Wellness for Your Community

Wellness is a growing priority for consumers, but unmet need remains.

The wellness market is growing quickly. In the United States alone, we estimate that the wellness market has reached $480 billion, growing at 5 to 10 percent per year. Eighty-two percent of US consumers now consider wellness a top or important priority in their everyday lives.

Demand for products and services that support healthy aging and longevity is on the rise, propelled by a shift toward preventive medicine, the growth of health technology (such as telemedicine and specialized lab testing), and advances in research on antiaging products.

New Revenue Stream by Expanding Your Practice

Create new revenue stream by expanding your practice to an ever growing client base. Learn how to implement a successful business blueprint.

Accelerate Your Learning & Improved Outcomes

Start implementing faster by avoiding the lenghty learning curve, trying to figure it out all by yourself and years of expenses attending numerous fragmented conferences. Learn it all in one place to start seeing clients faster.

"The Practitioner Lab Training and Mentorship gave me the confidence, knowledge, and lab access I needed to best support and grow my client base."

Anna F. -Certified Practitioner & Coach

"Finally, a mentorship where I can grow, support my clients, and offer access to beneficial labs. This is truly one of a kind and taught by an active practitioner."

Louise Dale - Certified Practitioner

Take Action & Boost Your Confidence

Register Today

This registration is for the lab practitioner course. Then become a member of the practitioner mentorship program which offers a structured learning experience among a supportive community of like-minded practitioners interested in growing their practice and accessing the beneficial lab testing for all clients.

It's a two-step process: first, complete the training, and then become a member in the mentorship program.

This is a valuable opportunity for practitioners looking to expand their skills and knowledge in functional medicine and enhance their ability to support their clients' wellness journey.

Next Steps

  1. Register: If You are ready to join, register for the training and become a member of the mentorship program then click the link below. The training is a prerequisite for participating in the mentorship.
  2. Schedule a Call: You can schedule a call to discuss the mentorship in more detail.
  3. Fill out the form or email us: Still have questions, then email or complete the form below. Better yet, get on a call.

Certification Information:

  • For individuals who are not yet certified practitioners, there is an option to visit the certified training section on the website to get started on the path to certification. As a functional medicine specialist and medical educator for over 24 years, the Total Wellness Empowerment health courses are accredited and graduates are eligible for the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP) exam.

Empower Your Community & Build a Thriving In-Demand Practice

You can empower your community with advanced lab tests for better gut, nutritional, hormonal health, longevity, and much more. Partner with us and inspire your community to take control of their well-being!

The Power of Functional Medicine Labs is that Numbers Don’t Lie. These are Science-Based, so take the GuessWork out and Test to Get Real Answers Approach.

Data-driven protocols are the essential for total wellness.

Have you given any further thought to what your life would be like if you could transform the lives of people around the world by empowering others?

This training will empower you with the knowledge you need to become a confident wellness practitioner, and build a successful practice.

Imagine how rewarding it is to know that those of you who have committed to improving your lives, are becoming so successful just because you weren't afraid to take the first step. You are certainly on your way to becoming the person you've always known you were capable of being.

On the other hand, if you haven't made the commitment yet, what are YOU waiting for?

The practitioner mentorship is designed to teach you how to achieve a level of confidence SO profound that you can literally boost your self-esteem AND start empowering others along with being successful sharing your message, passion and purpose.

To your success and empowerment,


Disclaimer: Lab Testing for Wellness

Lab Testing offers comprehensive testing services for individuals seeking to gain insights into their wellness. Our tests are designed exclusively for wellness purposes, providing valuable information and data to empower individuals on their health journey.

Important Points to Note:

  1. Wellness Focus: Lab Testing is focused on promoting wellness and providing individuals with information to optimize their health and well-being.
  2. No Medical Advice: It's important to understand that Lab Testing does not provide medical advice or diagnose any diseases or conditions. The information provided by our tests is intended for educational and informational purposes only.
  3. Not a Substitute for Medical Care: The information obtained from Lab Testing should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care or advice. It is not intended to replace consultation with qualified healthcare professionals.
  4. No Practitioner-Patient Relationship: Engaging with Lab Testing does not create a practitioner-patient/client relationship. Our services are not a substitute for the personalized care and attention provided by healthcare professionals.
  5. Educational Resource: Any information provided by Lab Testing should be regarded as educational and informative in nature. Individuals are encouraged to discuss their results with your medical doctor for interpretation and guidance.
  6. Consultation with Healthcare Providers: We strongly recommend that individuals consult with their medical doctor and healthcare providers to discuss their test results, address any concerns, and develop personalized wellness plans.

By engaging with Lab Testing, individuals acknowledge and understand the above points. Our goal is to provide valuable insights into wellness while emphasizing the importance of collaboration with their medical doctor and healthcare professionals for comprehensive care.

Now is your time to step into your greatness.

Graduate Success

"You were my favorite instructor at another school, so when I found out you founded your own wellness institute offering training programs, I jumped in and registered for both programs.  Once I completed, I joined the monthly mentorship program to keep learning, applying, and helping my clients. Being able to review client cases with you is invaluable and SO beneficial."

Mary B. - Practitioner (registered for both programs, Autism Expert and Health Coach)

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